Research, Consultation & Foresight
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With over a decade of research experience, Grayson specializes in the political economy of new media with a particular focus on generative AI. As a research analyst and consultant, he emphasizes the importance of high-quality knowledge translation in order to produce targeted and actionable insights for clients. He is an adept visual and verbal communicator with a track record of mounting successful multimedia exhibitions that efficiently and effectively share research with diverse audiences, has a knack for securing research funding, and is a practicioner of the framework foresight method.

Recently (& Upcoming)

“The Synthetic Complex” presentation at 4S 2023 Honolulu, Society for the Social Studies of Science, Nov. 2023.

“As If: Expectation as Worldmaking Fiction” published in TBA: Journal of Art, Media, and Visual Culture, 4(1), p. 130-145, Jan. 2023.

“New World Synthesis” published in Radical Immersions: Navigating Between Virtual/Physical Environments and Information Bubbles, p. 146-155, Sep. 2020.